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Are you an Intuitive Nomad or an Experience Collector? 

Uncover your wellness travel personality: unlock resources to help you plan more transformative holidays, so you can finally recharge, create work-life balance and beat burnout.

The Award-Winning Work Health and Wellness Travel Consultancy ✈

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Tailor-made wellness holidays that promote work-life balance so you can beat burnout!


Discover a revolutionary approach to workplace wellbeing at What The Doctor Recommends.


As disruptors in work health and wellness travel, we specialise in curating tailor-made wellness travel experiences for chronically stressed employees and entrepreneurs, designed to foster early intervention and prevent the rising rates of occupational burnout impacting the workforce.


Whether you are prescribed a digital detox on a tropical beach, holistic healing in a spa retreat or a wild adventure to reconnect to nature when selecting our signature Prescribed Wellness Travel™️ program, our trained specialists integrate comprehensive stress management coaching before and after your bespoke holiday so you return happier, healthier and better equipped to manage work stress.


Get In Touch Today And Discover What The Doctor Recommends For You ✈

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At What The Doctor Recommends, we understand the demands of modern working life can exert a heavy toll on your mental and physical health.


We are passionate about helping our clients invest in their holistic well-being by providing expert guidance on the destinations and immersive experiences that inspire whole-person rest and rejuvenation.

Whether you're a forward-thinking organisation looking to introduce a cutting-edge employee perk that disproportionately increases employee morale and boosts workplace well-being or an individual seeking to restore work-life balance with a transformative holiday, What The Doctor Recommends is your partner in the journey towards a healthier, more resilient future.




“I'm very happy I invested in a wellness travel coach. I was tired of feeling dissatisfied after rushing through a holiday. The personalised trip to Bali was amazing, I ticked off bucket list activities while healing on a deep level. You helped me build a stronger connection with my inner self and as a result, I have achieved a lot in the three months since getting home. Thank you so much Dr Noreen."

- Nnenna O.


We’ve put together a list of some of the most commonly questions prospective and current clients ask. Skip to the section you’d like to read more on!

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