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Since launching our unique wellness travel coaching services, we have helped countless travellers tap into the proven mental health benefits of travel and discover the world with confidence, so read on to learn what past clients have to say about their experiences. The best way to know if we're a great coaching fit is to schedule a 15-minute Clarity Call with a member of the team. You can ask questions and we'll talk about how Wellness Travel Coaching can help you rest and restore in paradise. 

“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind” – Anthony Bourdain

Success Stories

What The Doctor Recommends Client Testimonial

"I struggle to articulate how life-changing it has been working with Dr Noreen. I wanted to stop feeling jittery/ anxious/ sick to my stomach every time I thought about planning a solo holiday and JUST DO IT. The coaching call was better than I could have imagined. I was always pretty happy but now I have this cool and amazing appreciation for the world that I never knew was possible. We worked on minimising and reframing the intrusive negative thoughts I'd had about travelling alone as a black woman and she helped me put together a ‘mental health survival kit’ so now I am very excited to start planning my holiday."

Analisa D.

What The Doctor Recommends Client Testimonial

"Thanks for organising my first solo travel! It was a big thing for me to do this, but you made it all the more easier and fun. And by the way, the guide was just amazing. He became my personal photographer! I would definitely recommend your services."

Dr Uloma U.

What The Doctor Recommeds Success Story

"I'm happy I took the leap of faith to venture out to Asia on my own, more so that I reached out for help planning the multi-country trip. I felt overwhelmed with planning but the discovery call, check-in and final travel plans were amazing. I felt positive and more confident to explore with your support. Thank you."

Dr Claire P.


“I needed to get away for clarity and a sense of direction in my life. Everything was getting on top of me; my job, a complicated relationship, family life. I was probably on the way to completely burning out or a nervous breakdown before the prescribed wellness holiday to Italy. Dr Noreen, I cannot recommend you enough.”

Seo Yoon S.

What The Doctor Recommends Client Testimonial

“Shoutout to What The Doctor Recommends for organising such an amazing personalised solo trip and putting me in touch with the best guides. Everything from the stunning hotel to the crazy adventure sports & culture of Ubud, What The Doctor Recommends took what I wanted and curated the perfect mix of experiences to make sure this was one of the best holidays ever! ”

Dr Simi S.

What The Doctor Recommends Client Testimonial

"Travelling by myself was something I'd always wanted to do but fear held me back until I saw Dr Noreen on Instagram. We worked together to identify and reduce my anxieties. It felt special to have a specific country prescribed just for me and the whole trip mapped out. Thank you again!!"

Maria Elena A.

What The Doctor Recommends Client Testimonial

"I'm very happy I invested in a wellness travel coach. I was tired of feeling dissatisfied after rushing through a holiday. The personalised trip to Bali was amazing, I ticked off bucket list activities while healing on a deep level. You helped me build a stronger connection with my inner self and as a result, I have achieved a lot in the three months since getting home. Thank you so much Dr Noreen."

Nnenna O.

What The Doctor Recommends Client Testimonial

"My overall experience with What The Doctor Reco