Travel, when done intentionally and mindfully can facilitate a seismic mindset shift that allows you to gain clarity on who, what and where you are in life. Learn how to tap into the transformational nature of wellness travel so you can transition from a Mind Full to Mindful Traveller...


The Mind Full

to Mindful Traveller guide


From A Mind Full To Mindful Traveller

Tap into #traveltherapy with prescribed wellness travel

Hi, I'm Dr Noreen Nguru

Meet the MD & Wellness Travel Coach prescribing real life #traveltherapy to combat the rising rates of stress, professional burnout and anxiety affecting the global workforce 

Just as I prescribe medication and lifestyle measures to improve physical health, I prescribe bespoke wellness travel that supports the holistic wellbeing of anxious solo female travellers and women in high-pressured roles. The transformational experiences allow you to actively reset, gain clarity, manage stressful life transitions with a more positve outlook and overcome the self-limiting beliefs stopping you from living a truly fulfilling life.

Trust me, I have been exactly where you are right now.
My aim is to help you slow down and work through the heavy mental clutter taking up precious space in your mind;  so you can mindfully uncover the hidden gems of the world and beautifully unique locations in which you can relax, recharge and restore your mind-body-soul connection.

When you return home, not only will your mind be healthier but so will your relationship with yourself. 

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