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From A Mind Full To  Mindful Traveller

Tap into real life #traveltherapy with prescribed wellness travel

Hi there,I'm Dr Noreen

From mind full to mindful; meet the award-winning British Doctor and Wellness Travel Coach prescribing wellness travel™️ to tackle the rising rates of stress-related illnesses, anxiety and occupational burnout affecting the global workforce.


Just as I prescribe medication and lifestyle measures to improve physical health, I prescribe wellness travel™️ combined with supportive cognitive behavioural therapy programs to support the holistic well-being of anxious solo travellers and professionals in high-pressured roles, like yourself.

The holistic itineraries and personalised wellness activities allow you to detox from technology, implement fundamental well-being practices and build long-lasting resilience to the stressors of working life. 

My mission is to help you slow down and work through the heavy mental clutter taking up precious space in your mind; so you can mindfully uncover the hidden gems of the world, de-stress effectively and restore your mind-body-soul connection.

When you return home, not only will your mind be healthier, but so will your overall relationship with yourself.