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What The Doctor Recommends

See How Far You'll Go When It's

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of the living.” — Miriam Beard, American Writer 

Travel, when done intentionally and mindfully, can facilitate a seismic mindset shift that allows you to gain clarity on who, what and where you are in life. The newfound perspectives gained through exploration, authentic interactions, vibrant cultural exchanges and thought-provoking experiences sparks imagination, forces introspection, builds resilience and reinforces tolerance.  If you integrate these discoveries into your everyday life and recognize that the positive changes do not automatically end after the tan fades,  travel can be a hugely transformative experience.


Your Guide To Prescribed Travel

Coaching Philosophy And Approach

Since 2018, I’ve helped burnt-out professionals and overstretched executives break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back. Life is too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled by relationships, careers or a negative mindset.

I am dedicated to providing you with all the tools you need to disrupt the neverending cycle of overwork and overwhelm; so you can develop healthy coping strategies to manage the work/ life challenges standing in the way of your goals

The core of Prescribed Wellness Travel™️ and my corporate wellness programs is to assist you in creating a new pattern for yourself that supports and sustains an ongoing transformation after your trip. Once this model is in place, you will finally be able to conquer the fear and self-imposed limitations that have been holding you back from creating the type of lifestyle you crave and deserve. You will move forward with the belief that ANYTHING is possible.

The wellness travel experiences I prescribe create an experiential environment designed to help you detox from technology, actively reset, gain clarity and build positive life coping skills.


Think of travel as a spark plug, a catalyst that can trigger ripples of change across many areas of your life, as you journey inwards while exploring the world around you.


And the match needed to ignite said change?



There is beauty to travelling and the power of understanding. It's for those who love to learn new things and see different people and places; for those who know that travel is more than just getting from point A to point B.


Prescribed Wellness Travel™️ expose the most important parts of travelling; the people you share it with and what you take away from it once you've returned home.

If you are ready to use the power of travel to overcome self-limiting beliefs, implement fundamental well-being practices and build positive life coping skills so you can better manage the stresses of work and everyday life, hit the button below and let's get started.  

“I needed to get away for clarity and a sense of direction in my life. Everything was getting on top of me; my job, a complicated relationship, family life. I was probably on the way to completely burning out or a nervous breakdown before the prescribed wellness holiday to Italy. Dr Noreen, I cannot recommend you enough.”

Meeting with Dr. Nguru was the best thing I've ever done for myself. Her coaching style is firm but very supportive. She gave me lots of anxiety self-management tools and mindfulness exercises to try for the plane ride and since our meeting I have felt more in control of my thoughts and emotions than ever before.

The Benefits Of Wellness Travel:


This is not about self-absorption or self-indulgence, but rather acknowledging and understanding your own legacy, strengths and weaknesses. It leads you to clearly identify and interpret who/where you are, who/where do you want to be. And how to use all your travel experiences to arrive there.


By travelling independently, you develop the ability to find ways to solve problems and overcome obstacles on your own. Resourcefulness involves thinking outside the box and finding solutions that may not be conventional.


As you grow confident in your ability to take action and make decisions on your own, you can be assured that your efforts will result in a sense of empowerment that is crucial to your long-lasting transformation.

My story...

"I was burnout and merely existing -"

Standing at the base of Mt Batur on my penultimate day in Bali, with the early morning sunlight dancing across my upturned face, I finally felt it. Peace, contentment and connection. Connection to the breathtaking landscape towering above me, to the locals sleepily setting up their market wares for the day and most significantly, to myself. With that sudden clarity, I realized that somewhere along the line I had fallen out of alignment with my mind, body and soul's purpose. Burdened with the pressures of achieving career milestones and trying to meet everyone else's expectations of me, I was burnout and merely existing.

That was in 2017.


Looking back, the trip was the catalyst for positive transformation in many areas of my life. And as I began to research the multitude of mental, physical, spiritual and scientific benefits that travel provides when we slow down and holistically explore our inner selves as we explore the world, the foundations of What The Doctor Recommends and prescribed wellness travel were laid.

Today, I support overstretched executives and professionals in demanding careers, like myself, battling stress, work-related sleep disturbances and occupational burnout to connect with the essence of what makes them feel alive.


I use a range of cognitive behavioural psychology techniques which, when combined with Prescribed Wellness Travel™️ support my clients to press reset, break through self-limiting beliefs and realign with their purpose so they can achieve greater levels of well-being, happiness and personal fulfilment.

If you're ready to explore with purpose and tap into the transformational power of wellness travel,  let's get started.

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