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You know...

that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work for your precious vacation time. That's why you're looking for a more holistic way to plan your travel. One that considers your interests, your goals, challenges, feelings, needs and wants.

You are...

energized by the thrill of connecting with new places, unique experiences and like-minded people. You enjoy deep conversations but you don't have these people available to travel with right now.  And, truthfully, you are tired of waiting for anyone to join you.

You have...

already travelled extensively, but when you arrive home, when the suntan fades, something is missing. You don't feel restored. The stress, anxieties and burnout of day-to-day life build once more and you can't help but feel that there's more out there that you want.

You feel...

stuck after a negative life experience but you are ready to take a leap and invest in yourself. You want to feel confident and truly alive, not just stuck in your comfort zone. You want to say goodbye to who you were yesterday and see the world with new eyes.


There is far more to planning a vacation than booking an airline ticket to a destination with a beach.

Travel experiences can be life-changing when done with intention and purpose, see for yourself.

Our award-winning wellness travel consultancy services feature...

Intergrated Consultations

Outstanding Quality

Client-orientated design

Holistic practices

Professional Approach

Trained health and travel specialists

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I'm happy I took the leap of faith to venture out to Asia on my own, more so that I reached out for help planning the multi-country trip. I felt overwhelmed with planning but the discovery call, check-in and final travel plans were amazing. I felt positive and more confident to explore with your support. Thank you."

Dr Claire P.

“Shoutout to What The Doctor Recommends for organising such an amazing personalised solo trip and putting me in touch with the best guides. Everything from the stunning hotel to the crazy adventure sports & culture of Ubud, What The Doctor Recommends took what I wanted and curated the perfect mix of experiences to make sure this was one of the best holidays ever! ”

Dr Simi S.

"The best money I ever spent. Wasn’t too sure about the investment at first but I went for it. It changed my life. That sounds dramatic but it's the truth. The idea of being in South Africa alone seemed scary but the detailed itinerary flowed well so I knew what I was doing every day and felt safe with the pre-booked activities and vetted local guides."

Louisa P.


What is a travel coach?

Travel coaches focus on helping people find their "why" for travel and how to travel with intent.  Travel coaches help to put the power back into the hands of the traveller through empowerment, mindset work, guidance, support, in-depth coaching, desired results, strategic planning, intuitive travel, education, and transformation.   Every travel coach is different because as travellers, we all have unique experiences, knowledge, skills, passions, interests, followers, and areas of expertise. For example, I specialise in wellness travel coaching and prescribed wellness travel ™.

What are your travel coaching fees?

Coaching with our trained health and travel specialists is a quality-of-life-changing investment. Our team are highly experienced, coach powerfully, and charge accordingly. 

We generally only connect with coaching clients via referrals. Please ensure you have read every page of the website at least once before you book, and when you are clear that you are ready to invest in your health and wellbeing journey, please get in touch.

Do you coach anyone and everyone?

The quality of any working relationship is vital. If you recognise yourself in the qualities below, it is highly likely we are an excellent match.

  • You like having real, honest, insightful, direct conversations

  • You're not scared of being questioned or challenged

  • You’re proactive, hard working, ambitious and committed

  • You are emotionally intelligent and invest in people and relationships

  • You are naturally reflective, enjoy learning and are open to new ideas

  • You recognise the immense value of having objective, supportive, fair and dedicated people in your corner

Is a personal transformation guaranteed?

After each trip, the aim is to keep building a better and richer life. Take time to reflect, learn, enjoy, connect with others, and reconnect with who you are.  


In our experience, people travel return happiest when they travel with specific goals and motivations in mind. They often gain a greater sense of confidence and purpose. With a travel coach’s help, they can learn to apply those lessons to their daily life, whether it’s a career change or a complete reimagining of their lifestyle.

It is then up to you to continue growing and investing in your transformation.

Happy Tourist

Freya Stark

“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the most pleasant sensations in the world. You are surrounded by adventure” 

Health and Travel 

Outstanding Service

Travel Consultancy

Preferrential rates

European Mentoring and Coaching Council Member

International Standards

The Travel Coach Network Global Ambassador

Dedicated Network

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