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The Rise Of Travel Coaching In A Post-Pandemic World

Updated: Jan 5

Two years ago, the future of travelling and tourism was uncertain as the pandemic took hold of the whole world. Borders closed down, and governments had to impose lockdowns for protection. But now that the pandemic has more or less slowed down in many places, tourism is slowly picking back up again, and countries are welcoming back visitors. So if you’re anxious to get back out there again and satisfy your wanderlust, this is a good time to start planning your trip!

Usually, the idea of travelling is to escape the stress of our daily lives, a break from our usual routine. But did you know that you can also use that time away to help you move closer to your long-term goals?

That’s what travel coaches do. Travel coaching is relatively new in the tourism industry. But it’s gaining traction as many people want to get more out of their trips than just new experiences or aesthetic-looking shots of the places they visit.

Tourism in a post-pandemic world

The tourism industry was hit particularly bad during the pandemic. Because borders had to close down to protect citizens, travelling came to a halt. Even business travels were discouraged. People were limited to travelling around their homes and neighbourhoods. And of course, this led to billions of dollars worth of losses for many countries with strong tourism industries.

But two years later, tourist numbers are expected to climb back up again. Global international tourist arrivals more than doubled in January this year, with Europe and the Americas having the most arrivals. So this year is expected to be when tourism recovers, albeit gradually. But there are still risks as experts discover variants of the virus. Thankfully, many countries that have opened their borders up still employ health guidelines for their domestic and international visitors.

But despite the risks, travellers are still itching to get back up on their feet and on the road again. And after two years of being stuck at home, the stress and anxiety brought on by a lifestyle change have built up. And so people are not taking travel for granted anymore. And plenty of us wants to get more out of our trips. This is where travel coaching can help.

What is travel coaching?

We’ve all heard about life coaches and business coaches. For many, they would need the support of a coach to empower them or their business and make sure they’re on the right track. So what do travel coaches do? They provide the same support and empowerment, and they do it through travel.

First things first, travel coaches are not the same as travel agents. A travel agent’s job is to book trips, make reservations and draw up itineraries for you. They focus on the where and the how. Instead, a travel coach focuses on the “why” of travel. They help you understand why you travel in the first place before figuring out the where and how of your trip.

Travel coaching is about maximizing the transformative power of travel to empower clients to a new way of living and being in the world. They usually support travellers in focusing on their well-being and mindset to turn their trip into a personalized and transformative experience.

How travel coaching is provided also varies from coach to coach. For instance, some focus solely on providing education and support to their clients and empowering them to take control of their own travels. They only provide the tools to make them independent and confident enough to book their flights, create their own itineraries, etc. In contrast, other travel coaches may be more proactive by helping with researching destinations and booking trips. So whichever type of support you need, rest assured you can find a travel coach that will work great for you.

Why should you work with a travel coach?

So now you know what a travel coach does. But for the trip you had in mind, do you need the help of a travel coach? Sure, information may be accessible online on what you should do on your travels. But the knowledge and experience of a travel coach can prove invaluable when it comes to getting the most out of your travels.

Have the power of travel in your hands

Perhaps you used to hire travel agents when planning a trip. They make your travel planning easier, yes, but at quite a high cost. But with a travel coach, you will be set up for your travels now and in the future. They provide you with the knowledge, resources, and tools you need to plan and book your own trips. This is what it means to have the power of travel in your hands. You are empowered to be independent and take control of the travels you want to go on.

Improve your mindset before and after travelling

One of the best things you can get out of working with a travel coach is they help improve your mindset. Many people refrain from travelling because of their fears and worries. It’s either they are worried about going alone, being unable to navigate a foreign place, or it’s something else entirely. These fears are normal, and even experienced travel coaches have had them at the start. But this is also why they are more than qualified to help ease your worries. They can teach you ways to overcome these fears or cope with them so you can still live out your travel dreams.

Learn from an experienced coach

Where else would you learn how to find the best travel deals that will help you stay on budget or know which spots to visit in a foreign country? From experienced travel coaches, of course. They have firsthand experience with anything travel-related. For instance, you can learn specific methods for budgeting and managing your travel finances. They can also offer advice on what you should do or shouldn’t do to keep yourself safe and other important things a traveller should know.

Understand the why of travel

People travel for different reasons. It could be to take a break from your daily routine or something more profound, like discovering or rediscovering yourself or figuring out what you want to do, career-wise. Some also take travel to challenge themselves, put themselves out of their comfort zone and grow in the best way possible. Whatever your reason may be, a travel coach can help coax out the real WHY of your travel and help plan a journey that will help you achieve your goals.

Learn how to adapt after your travels

Adjusting back to your daily routine after your trip can be difficult. You might miss the stress-free days or the exciting times when you explored a new environment. A travel coach will help you process what you experienced and learned during your travels. And apply them to the struggles you encounter in your life and even help you figure out your life path.

A world first: Physician-led travel coaching from What The Doctor Recommends

Maybe you want to take the plunge and try out solo travelling for yourself, but you’re afraid. Don’t let your fears stop you from going on a journey that could potentially shift you from the path you’re currently on to a more fulfilling one.

In addition to working with you to create a well-researched and personalised itinerary, our specialist travel consultants and trained mindset coaches offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions that help anxious solo travellers build confidence to take on the world independently!

Holistically exploring our inner selves while travelling the world has multitudes of benefits mentally, physically, spiritually, and scientifically. And as the first physician-led travel consultancy, we can help you achieve your goals through the power of travel. So

If you’re ready to explore with purpose, book a Prescribed Wellness Travel experience, arrange a luxury wellness travel booking consultation or schedule a non-obligation chat with us at What The Doctor Recommends.


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