• Noreen Nguru

Monday Musings: The Skin I'm In

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

The Skin I'm in. Yes ma'am, I've got that Melanin that means my cells swim in a pool of iridescent pigment that colours me, Brown.

Ochre, tan, caramel, mahogany, high-yellow, black-blue ink. I am the earth and I am the single drop of a coffee bean in palest milk.

I cannot begin to describe the feelings stirred to the surface when some question the purpose Of the Skin I'm in.

My Skin has Functionality.

My Skin is Multi-Dimensional.

My Skin is Beauty.

My Skin is Power.

Take heed those who proceed to mock and degrade and belitte. Take stock of the Cradle of Mankind In Africa's plains. I am the First of our Kind.

Scars and bruises, Hard knocks and life's bruises They all hide in the warm tones of my limbs. The warming sun is filtered and my skin pulses... unaltered by UV rays.

It's in my DNA.

So yes ma'am, I embrace my Melanin. I jump and dance with unbridled joy of all that is out and is within.

Because I LOVE the Skin I'm in.

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