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Monday Musings: 28 Years, 28 Life Lessons

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

I blinked.

Suddenly my 20's revved into overdrive and I'm sitting here now, 28 years young. I can feel the grip of youth slowly loosening but, surprisingly, that doesn’t worry me because in it’s place is a quiet maturity and wisdom is the curator of aforementioned maturity.

Here’s to looking back at the life lessons I've learnt in my 28 years of trying to gain a foothold in this world!

Bday Glamping weekend at Tom's Eco Lodge (Isle of Wight)

Top 10 Life Lessons

  1. Happiness is not a static state.  It is not merely a 'destination' to arrive at. It is a journey in perpetual m∞tion, a state of constant engagement in positive choices and contentment.

  2. Anybody can get a job, but to find one's vocation is a blessing'. I have no doubts about God's calling on my life to enter the field of Medicine. Although it has been a journey of insurmountable pressures and hardships along the road, I love that I am uniquely positioned to have an impact at some of the most vulnerable moments of individuals lives.

  3. '- By God's grace'. As a Christian I've come to understand the uncertainty of tomorrow. But I still seek the voice of God in all things, whether small or before making a momentous life decision because everything will (or will not) happen in God's Perfect timing.

  4. Authenticity > Popularity. Authenticity is one of the most underrated personality traits in modern society. In an age where entertainers frequently 'sell out' to the mainstream for infamy, I've bought out of the notion that 'likes' and  're-tweets' hold any real validity offline. Audiences are astute and can easily decipher the dubious from credible sources - which I hope @thedrrecommends has become.

  5. Cultivate relationships like a worker in a garden, tending to the delicate sprigs of family bonds and friendship with enthusiasm. And with the same enthusiasm, I've learnt to weed out those relationships that would otherwise grow to bring disharmony into my life.

  6. Building emotional maturity takes time. I did not suddenly wake up one day in my mid-twenties and feel like an 'adult' with all the emotional dysregulation of adolescence left somewhere in the distance. Yet, there has definitely been a noticeable change in my propensity for tantrums and drama-seeking lol.

  7. Invest in yourself before expecting others to invest in you. Have your heard that said before? There is a lot of truth in that statement.

  8. Saying yes more often leads to more opportunities! Now this sounds pretty self-explanatory but I honestly discovered the power of this three letter word in 2013 when I said 'Yes' to God, 'Yes' to more travel and 'Yes' to educational opportunities that led to my research being published in a prominent medical journal.

  9. Be the change that you want to see. I wholeheartedly believe that activism is an innate human characteristic, without it we would not have the compulsion to bring the world to  fair order.

  10. Making wise decisions stems from making bad mistakes. And boy have I made many a mistake in my 28 years on planet Earth!

Some other life lessons:

Forcing me to learn how to swim may have been the single greatest gift my parents ever gave me! Simone Manuel I am not but few things are as peaceful as belly-flopping sliding into a warm tropical ocean with snorkelling gear and exploring an incredible underwater world.

Success is relative. There is no point measuring oneself against the yardstick of another human being. My personal goal for success has always been about creating and attaining my own personal best.

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try and try and try and try...... you get the gist.

Wait on the right kind of love. I’ve learnt from experience that intense passion does not last. With age, I can appreciate the benefits of falling in love with a friend.

Treasure the big and the little things. Take the good with the bad. Like the hymn ‘The Refiner’s Fire’, I have the mindset that tribulations are only priming me for greater things.

Honesty is the best policy with yourself, with friends, in the workplace. People may not take kindly to a blunt personality but frankness is always appreciated.

Be a mentor to others in your social or career circle and in the same vein, seek mentorship from those who have already walked the path that you want to embark on.

If they show you who they are, believe them.

Smiling and laughing it off gives you power over the situation.

Court critiques and brush off undue criticism.

Asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness.

Be kind to yourself and to others.

Living outside of the comfort zone is exhilarating.

An entrepreneurial mindset will take you far.

Make time and TAKE time to do things right the first time.

Being adaptable is key because life is fluid and most certainly will never go the way you planned. Be accepting of that and roll with the proverbial punches.

Perfection is boring. *yawn

Ageing is pretty awesome. I take pride in the acknowledgment of another year of wisdom and growth; even the failures have offered further life lessons!

Do you agree with my top 28 life lessons? What are some of your own personal life lessons?

Drop me a comment below.

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